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Take Great Photo's w/ your Smart Phone 704

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Take Great Photo's w/ your Smart Phone




3/4/2024 to 3/11/2024

Location: Instructor:
  • Peter Glass

Meeting Times

  • Monday 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM


Take Great Photos with your Smartphone – The quality of smartphone cameras is improving rapidly. In many situations, they can replace the need for traditional digital SLRs. It therefore is no longer necessary to constantly drag around a large, heavy camera because you're afraid of missing that great photo opportunity. A good quality smartphone camera can often work equally well.  

This is a class for those interested in producing high-quality images with their smartphone cameras. That means moving away from the Auto Mode, where control of the camera by you is almost nonexistent, to the Manual or Shutter Priority Modes. The result will be that you, the photographer, will now be in full control of how your images will turn out. And that control will mean much improved photographs.   

Please note: This class will not cover the taking of selfies. 

All the information necessary for taking great smartphone pictures will be addressed, including: 

• What to look for when buying a new or used smartphone 

• Finding and installing the best smartphone camera apps 

• Understanding basic photography theory 

• Identifying and setting the camera controls 

• Suggestions for hand-holding your camera 

• Specific steps to follow when taking a picture 

• Demonstration of a wonderful app for editing your photos 

• Useful accessories for your smartphone camera  

In addition, you’ll be taking pictures around the school with your smartphone camera. I’ll be offering feedback – helping you get more comfortable with the operation of your camera and offering suggestions for improving your image compositions. 

A very complete handout will be given to you when you arrive. It contains lots of information and will greatly simplify the process of understanding what’s being taught in class. You’ll also find it quite useful for review after the course has ended. 

Don’t forget to bring your fully charged smartphone as well as any accessories you have, including the battery charger. 

Additional Notes

*Smartphone is required for this course. There is a $10 material fee for an informative guide handout that must be paid to the instructor the first night of class. 


  • Class Fee $60.00
  • Supplies Fee $10.00
Total: $70.00

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