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Creating Photos that will knock your socks off!!! 702

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Creating Photos that will knock your socks off!!!




10/20/2022 to 10/27/2022

Location: Instructor:
  • Peter Glass

Meeting Times

  • Thursday 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM


Creating Photographs that will Knock Your Socks Off – Making photographs can be so much more than just pointing your camera and pressing the shutter button. As a photographer, you have many options available for creating interesting and unusual images. This course will show you techniques for accomplishing this. 

The class will begin with a review of how to use your camera in the Manual mode. A very helpful handout will be provided. Topics to be covered will include: the aperture, shutter speed, ISO triad; obtaining the proper exposure; setting the white balance; focusing where you want to focus; creatively using depth-of-field. 

From there, images similar to what you’ll be photographing in class will be shown. We’ll discuss the various methods used to create them. 

I’ll then open some of these pictures in Adobe Camera Raw – a program that is a part of Adobe Photoshop (the premier digital image-editing program), but much easier to learn and use. You’ll see its almost unlimited possibilities for fixing and strikingly improving even the bleakest of pictures. 

You’ll then begin shooting. We’ll be doing two specific types of photography. We’ll start by photographing a variety of objects and props that I’ll be bringing to class. Included may be rubber ducks, a toy airplane, a crystal ball, ribbons, a human skull (a fake one!), and lots of other items. Then, we’ll spend time wandering and photographing around the school in some of its more interesting areas. For both types of photography, I’ll be with you every step of the way – offering camera operation tips, shooting ideas and techniques, as well as feedback on the photos you take. 

Finally, we’ll edit some of your images in Adobe Camera Raw. This is where you’ll get to see some pretty amazing image transformations.  

A great deal of shooting will be done during class, so you will need to bring your digital camera, with instruction booklet, and a fully charged battery. If you own one, a tripod would be useful. It also would be a good idea to bring your battery charger, and an extra battery and camera card if you have them. Prerequisite: A basic understanding of how your camera works and feeling fairly comfortable shooting with it.

Additional Notes

*Camera is required for course


  • Class Fee $90.00
Total: $90.00

Note: Class has been CANCELLED